2019 New Year- New Rings

In these first weeks of 2019 I have made myself a few new rings (one of the perks of the biz). I'll tell you more in the video blog including how I draw inspiration to handle some of my own adversity. Please comment below if anything I share here speaks to you. If you would like to have your own treasures made click the SHOP link above and let's create something beautiful and meaningful for you!

Thanks for joining me on this daring adventure.
With love always,


  • Hey Jen,

    Glad to know one of your rings says Joy. I started out 2019 saying that this is the year of JOY. Glad to see I am not the only one.

    Love the concept of Focus and am really excited about the PHOENIX and the symbolism it denotes. Also thought about LOTUS that rises from the mud. Both symbolize new beginnings.

    Keep rising Jen. You’ve got this.

    Yvette J Benjamin
  • You are a Phoenix … and you spread the light of joy everyday :). Thank you for sharing it!

    Leo Glitterbomb

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