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You are...
Full of sparkle and grit. Genuinely want to make the world a better place. Your inner circles' biggest cheerleeder. UNIQUE and therefore GIFTED. Adventurous and kind hearted. See the glass half full. Take chances. Not afraid to make mistakes because you learn from them. Despite all your total amazingness
Second guess yourself. Wonder who you are to shoot for the stars. Question, Am I enough? Do I do enough? Is it my time to SHINE? Let me clarify for you... YES! You are all these things and so much more! There is no playing small for the CREATORS, SHAKERS and WORLD CHANGERS. The world needs that special gift that you have so DECLARE YOUR SUPERPOWERS and SHINE!
Soul Shine Hand Stamped Rings will be your compass; Your reminder playing over and over on the record player of your beautiful and couragous life.

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